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Social Media Research Institute

Social Media Research Institute is has been referenced and published in over 18 universities and referenced in documentries internationally.

Social Media First Aid

Created the Framework for Social Media First Aid through training and online and in person learning for users of social media of all ages.

Global Touch Foundation

Created the Foundation for Social Media Awareness in the early 2010s to address online harassment and mental health issues with social media users of all ages.


Jonathan was born in Orlando, FL., and was raised in Altamonte Springs, FL. Jonathan was born on 12/18/94.

His parents are Amber Bertrand and James Bertrand, his brothers are James Bertrand (twin) and Jalen Bertrand.

Jonathan attended Maynard Evans High School. Being raised in a Middle/Upper-class family, he was raised with high standards and morals. While attending high school Jonathan was bullied because he dressed for success which wasn’t well-received amongst his peers. Eventually, this image led to being bullied. Jonathan slipped into depression and became an introvert. After graduation, he realized his calling was to help others in similar situations. In December 2012 he ran an anti-bullying campaign with Lexton Cage of Orlando, FL. Jonathan received Congressional recognition for his outstanding and valuable service to his community on December 11th of that same month.

In November of 2014 “The Social Networking Effect” What’s Your Story?” The Movement was created. This movement is to generate awareness of the side effects social media plays in people’s lives. In December 2015 The Global Touch Foundation was formed. The foundation is a Non–Profit organization designed to promote 5 areas of study, they are EDUCATION, RESEARCH, MENTAL & PHYSICAL HEALTH AND POLICY.

Jonathan Bertrand attended Florida A&M University where his area of study was Public Relations and Marketing. He received Congressional Recognition from the House of Representatives for his contributions to his community, in regard to social welfare. In December 2015, he created The Global Touch Foundation, his non-profit, 501c3, and coined the phrases “Social Media Dependency Disorder” and the “Triple Conscious Theory”. One of the youngest speakers at the 2017 National Council of Behavioral Health, in Seattle Washington, he pioneered and introduced the concept of Social Media Awareness to a captivated audience, and has since trademarked “Social Media Dependency Disorder”, a primary focus of The Global Touch Foundation. Currently growing his team, Jonathan is continuing his pioneer adventure. Bertrand is also a National Leadership Candidate for the Ruderman Family Foundation for Disability Inclusion located at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology introducing Social Media Dependency Disorder as a new disability.

In mid-January, Mr. Bertrand launched the Social Media Research Fund Through the Global Touch Foundation; a fund dedicated to supplying companies, and families, with social media research (and understanding) solutions. Its goal is to help make the cyber world and as a result the physical world, a better place, with education and real-world solutions. He has hosted various public events, as well as university events, allowing students, and faculty, to have an in-depth conversation about the importance of understanding this critical, and crucial, facet of modern society.

Over the last decade plus, Jonathan has made strategic advancements within the online and offline world to create a balance amongst users of social media. Jonathan has in the creation of Social Media Awareness Industry, is the Founder of The Council on Social Media Relations an American think tank specializing in U.S. foreign policy and international relations in Association to Web 1,2,3. Founded in 2022, it is a nonprofit organization that is independent and nonpartisan.

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Bertrand has developed the framework for universities and professors and advocates to study and apply based on real life experiences.

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